About Us

To us, coffee, tea, and health food are more than a business. We love what we do. We would like to share our passion for the best products with our customers.

We provide coffee, tea, and health natural products online to individuals, offices, restaurants, hotels, cafés, and shops.

Furthermore, we are pleased to announce that we are authorized distributor for Caffe Vergnano 1882 in the United Kingdom since 2018. We are pleased to offer a comprehensive range of products at competitive prices, specifically tailored for business customers.

Beside Caffe Vergnano 1882, we are coffee distributor of well-known Italian brands like La Brasiliana, Pellini, Kimbo, Lucaffe, Lavazza for the UK area.

Our pricing is competitive, and we pride ourselves on offering a high quality and the very best prices for our coffee, tea, and other products.

Improving is a continual process. We are always happy to hear from our customers. You are welcome to contact us for any advice.

Crema Aroma is a part of Silentwatcher Ltd, a private company based in Livingston, Scotland since 2013.